Thru-Hole Technologies (THT) Assembly Course of action

As being a traditional PCB assembly process, thru-hole mounting method is completed via collaboration of handbook procedure and automated course of action.

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Stage 1: Elements placement – This step is realized manually by professional engineering staff. Engineers have to promptly, however precisely place elements on corresponding positions based on client’s PCB design and style files. Element placement must conform to restrictions and procedure criteria of thru-hole mounting approach to ensure good quality conclude items. For example, they may have to explain polarity and orientation of components, to prevent working element from influencing ambient parts, to help make finished element placement suitable with corresponding specifications and to dress in anti-static wristbands when dealing with static-sensitive factors like ICs.

Action 2: Inspection & Rectification – Once ingredient placement is done, the board is then placed in a matching transport frame where board with factors plugged in will be automatically inspected so as to determine whether elements are accurately placed. If issues concerning ingredient placement are observed, it’s easy to get them rectified immediately as well. After all, this takes put prior to soldering in PCBA method.

Move 3: Wave Soldering – Now the THT components should be accurately soldered onto circuit board. In the wave soldering system, the board moves slowly over a wave of liquid solder at significant temperature, approximately 500°F. Afterwards, all leads or wires connections can be successfully obtained so that thru-hole elements are firmly attached to the board.

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